Project status

1.1 (Cooperation and stud. platform)
1.2 (Internet-based communication platform)
1.3 Research infrastructure at VŠPJ
2.1 (HW and SW framework for simulation)
2.2 (HW and SW framework...)
3.1 (Research of requirements of specific user groups)
3.2 (Common evaluation of experiences)
4.1 (CO2 management)
4.2 (acoustical analysis and adjustments - SHFJV)
5.1 (Adaptation of the current lung model...)
5.2 (Duplication and parallel operation of lung models)
5.3 (Aerosol measurement using the lung model)
6.1 (Administration / Controlling)
6.2 (Gendermainstreaming and diversification)
6.3 (Public Relations & Dissemination)

In contrast to the original plan, the project was prolonged by additional six months till 30th April, 2014. The prolongation was due to milestones 2.2, 5.1, and 5.2. 

Milestone 1 (till Oct 31st, 2011)
1.1 Cooperation of VŠPJ and FHTW during the installation of personal platform extending beyond the scope of each school.
1.2 Cooperation of VŠPJ and FHTW during the installation of an internet-based communication platform.
1.3 Installation of research infrastructure at VŠPJ.

Milestone 2 (till Oct 31st, 2011)
Employing the know-how and practical experiences of FHTW, the VŠPJ will implement:
2.1 HW and SW framework for simulation, measurement, and analysis of medical, electronical and acoustical systems,
2.2 HW and SW framework for acquisition, analysis, and processing of signals from various sources.

Milestone 3 (till Oct 31st, 2013)
3.1 Research of requirements of specific user groups (physicians, seniors, etc.), related to optimal perception of sound. VŠPJ will design and evaluate the experiment; FHTW will provide the practical realization.
3.2 Common evaluation of experiences of FHTW with monitoring and prediction of state of biomedical and biological systems on the basis of signals from various sources; further research of the topic at VŠPJ.

Milestone 4 (till May 31st, 2013)
4.1 Laboratory verification of a new management of O2 & CO2, clinical verification of the management in the hospital. FHTW in cooperation with VŠPJ will provide the design and realization of the experiment; VŠPJ will evaluate the results.
4.2 VŠPJ with support of FHTW will perform an acoustical analysis and adjustments of the appliances for the lung ventilation (SHFJV).

Milestone 5 (till Oct 31st, 2013)
In cooperation of both partners, the following will be performed:
5.1 Adaptation of the current lung model, a comparative study with other available lung models.
5.2 Duplication and real-time parallel operation of lung models.
5.3 Aerosol measurement using the lung model.

Milestone 6 (till Oct 31st, 2013)
During the entire course of the project, both partners will provide:
6.1 Administration / Controlling
6.2 Gendermainstreaming and diversification
6.3 Public Relations & dissemination