Initial situation and project reasoning

College Of Polytechnics / Vysoká škola polytechnická Jihlava

Vysoká škola polytechnická Jihlava (VŠPJ) was founded in 2005. Despite good experiences with educational activities, VŠPJ still lacks a more pronounced focus on research activities; these are nevertheless an inevitable prerequisite of personal growth of academic staff, advances of university's own know-how, and enhancement of level of education and attractivity of the university. At VŠPJ, the project will give rise to the infrastructure for research in the fields of biomedical engineering, electronics, signal processing, and acoustics; the cooperation with a foreign partner and mutual know-how transfer during a common research will help fulfill the above stated aims, furthermore, it will result in valuable contacts with experts in the respective fields. The project will have a positive influence on the academic staff and students of both schools; the results of laboratory research will be applicable in medical and technical practice in both regions.

University of Applied Sciences / Fachhochschule Technikum Wien

Within a MA27 04-06 project supported by the city of Vienna, the laboratory of artificial breathing was installed at FH Technikum Wien in 2006-2009 and a spontaneously breathing lung model was developed that, among others, simulates clinical pathologies. In cooperation with the University of Vienna (aerosol physics, biophysics, environmental physics), a multi-beam-single-particle spectrometer was installed. The laboratory is integrated into the studies, cooperating with Medical Faculty of Vienna and its center for biomedical engineering and physics, and also with the Institute of Ludwig Boltzmann (important topics: blood circulation in the heart, electrostimulation, biomechanics, artificial breathing, general biomedical technical equipment). The current project aims to intensify the cooperation along with subsequent knowledge improvements and continuity of research activities and support of the concurrent project SOP.

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