Project objectives

College Of Polytechnics / Vysoká škola polytechnická Jihlava

  • support of further expansion of research activities in the border regions, establish a mutually complementing partnership
  • enhancement of the professional level of academic staff by means of research activities at both schools, enhancement of the level and topicality of the education
  • widening of the portfolio of study programs of both partners, increase of attractiveness of technical studies
  • utilization of results of applied research in both regions
  • cooperation with professionals of many research fields
  • to strenghten mutual personal and professional relationships by means of common cross-border activities which will connect the border regions in the research domain
  • to establish the fundament for further cooperation

University of Applied Sciences / Fachhochschule Technikum Wien

  • deepening and ensure know-how in the field of lung ventilation, including the development of the respective testing systems
  • further expansion of active testing leading to a model prototype as an alternative method to test on animals
  • support of cooperation with the partner, enhancement of the qualification of academic and reserach staff
  • reinforcement of regional economics, opening of additional perspectives for students, design of future-oriented topics
  • realization of long-term research strategies at FHTW
  • support of inter-cultural dialogue, synergy in all the respective fields
  • enrichment of the region with new job opportunities, establishment of new companies by school graduates

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