Target groups

The academic staff is the primary target group. The aim is to support the expansion of research activities of both partners, both by means of building a new specialized experimental centre at VŠPJ, and by means of mutual know-how transfer and common solving of research tasks. The project will strenghten the cross-border and inter-regional cooperation among the specialists and will serve as a basis for their professional growth. The project will have a positive impact on the widening of research and educational portfolio of the partners and on the enrichment of border regions of the missing knowledge domains; on the basis of the project, it will be possible to build up further research and educational activities.

The students of both schools is the secondary target group. The students will have an opportunity of acquiring experience with research activities in multilingual environment; the experience of cooperation with a foreign partner is also an important issue in the student’s education. The cooperation of students of both schools will intensify the cross-border relationships and connection of the neighboring regions. The project activities may give rise to a variety of master and bachelor theses. Last, but not least, the students will benefit from the acquisition of contacts with specialists from home and abroad. The contacts with regional companies, going beyond the outputs of the existing projects, will have a direct impact on the connection of research and regional economics and on further projects.

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